Friday, April 8, 2016

Rules for change in Power Load made Consumer Friendly

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal,
Chief Minister, Delhi,
New Delhi.

Sub: Rules for change in Power Load made Consumer Friendly - HALF DONE IS NOT DONE

Respected Arvind Ji,

At the outset I wish to thank you for following up with DERC, our long standing demand for Rationalising Power Load Determination. An average of four consecutive months is a fair way of determining the Sanctioned Load as against the prevailing system of three highest readings in a year.

However this relief is HALF DONE as DISCOMS will continue to make easy money as they levy Fixed Charge on Sanctioned Load, rather than charging for the Maximum Load consumed in a Billing Cycle.


A.      After Privatisation MINIMUM CHARGE was changed to FIXED CHARGE

B.      Consumers have deposited Security Deposit of Rs. 600 per KW of Sanctioned Load

C.      Power Bills clearly mention Sanctioned Load and MDI (Maximum Load Indicator)

D.      The Meters and Wiring for Loads ranging from 1 KW to 5 KW and from 6 KW to 13 KW are same irrespective of Sanctioned Load.


FIX CHARGE SHOULD BE LEVIED ON MDI in the Billing Cycle and not SANCTIONED LOAD as DISCOMS have already collected Millions as Security Deposit for the Sanctioned Load.

It is to be noted that before privatization DVB used to charge a Minimum Charge which got adjusted once the consumption exceeded the Minimum Charge. This minimum charge was introduced because in earlier times consumers used to keep their houses locked for years as an investment, where as DVB was made to invest in a connection without corresponding returns.


Fixed Charge on Sanctioned Load is discriminatory to consumers as majority of them use Full Load for not more than 100 days in a year during Peak Summers and Winters and for the rest of the year the Load used is barely 25% of Sanctioned Load. For Example a Consumer with 6 KW Sanctioned Load has to pay Rs. 120/- plus taxes per month, if the MDI for the month of February comes to 2 KW then he should pay only Rs. 40/-  plus taxes. THE CONSUMER ENDS UP PAYING an additional Rs.80/- per month, therefore giving DISCOMS windfall revenue, as there are 43 Lakh consumers.

Hope you find the above of some use to reduce the sufferings of Delhi Consumers. We offer all support in the Delhi Governments efforts for giving relief to the masses. Our request Dated 19-11-2015 for investigation into Fast Running Meters due to Residual Back Flow is still pending.

Warm Regards,

Rajiv Kakria

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