Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Odd Even Dobara : Not that Even so far !

Please go through today's pollution status of Delhi, as below. One thing seems very much clear that we require to do much more than #ODDEVEN or #ODDEVENDOBARA. Truly, Odd Even alone won't serve the purpose. We must take certain more, more stringent measures to combat pollution in Delhi.

At Anand Vihar, Benzene at 10 pm last night was at 46.20, at 7 am today was at 37.70 and at 12 pm it was still at 25.20. PM 10 at 12 noon today was 511 and PM 2.5 at 10.30 was 288.

At Civil Lines, Benzene at 7 am was 15.59 and it was still at 10.93 at 11.30 am. PM 10 was 594.48 at 7 am today and it was at 508.58 at 11.30 am. PM 2.5 was at 221.26 at 11.30 am.

At IGI Airport, Benzene was above 11 till 11.30 am. PM10 was at 219.15 at 11.30 am with no data available for PM 2.5.

At Mandir Marg, PM 10 was at 617 at 12 noon today and PM 2.5 at 141 at the same time.

At Punjabi Bagh, PM 10 was at 672 at 11.30 am, while PM 2.5 was at 309 at 10.30, though it dipped to some extent after that.

At R K Puram, PM 10 was at 598 at 11.30 am and at 471 at 12 noon whereas, PM 2.5 was at 238 at 11 am today.

With best wishes for a Pollution Free Delhi. We will support Odd Even plus any more stringent steps, to combat pollution in Delhi.

B S Vohra

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