Saturday, April 16, 2016

Do you think ODD EVEN has any impact on the Air Quality of Delhi ?

Yeah ! this is now a big question. There seems not much respite if we go through various official sites to check the data connected with Air Pollution. Not much respite in Pollution in Delhi, though it was a Saturday when most of the Govt offices are closed. The only visible benefit of Odd Even is the lesser traffic on roads, but at the cost of thousands, who have to face difficulty at various levels.

At Anand vihar Benzene touched a peak of  27.70 at 10 am, while PM 10 remained somewhere between  422 > 418 > 357, 2 - 2.30 pm 389  and PM 2.5 the most dangerous particulate matters were as high as 286 at 11 – 11.30 am i.e. almost 4 - 5 times of the prescribed limits.

At Mandir marg PM10 touched 482 at 8 – 8.30 am with no data after that, while PM 2.5 in the early morning was at 196 & 183, it came down to 136 at 8 am and to 94 at 10.30 with no data after that, but was much higher than the prescribed norms.

At Punjabi Bagh, PM10 was at 456 at 10 – 10.30 am with missing data figures, while PM 2.5 touched 418 at 9.30 am i.e. almost 7 times of the prescribed norms.

While RK Puram had a peak of PM 10 at 465 at 10 am, PM2.5 was almost 2 – 3 times, all the time.

IGI Airport had Benzene levels of 9.75 to 8.16 between 10 – 12 am,  PM 10 was almost twice all the time, while previoys days Average shown was 388.50, with no data available for PM 2.5

At Civil lines, Benzene was almost  2 – 3 times, PM 10 at 8 am was 563 though few hours earlier it had touched the peak of  690.40, it came down to 338.92 by 12 noon. PM 2.5 was almost 2 - 3 times all the time, though previous days average was 144.52 i.e. more than two times.

Though Indian Institute of Tropical Metrology showed PM 10 at 239.90 at Delhi as Moderate, it showed PM 2.5 at 114.9 as POOR Air Quality. Benzene Average at Arjun Nagar in East Delhi was 8.72 much higher than prescribed 5. Anand Vihar again showed the Average PM 10 of 459 while PM 2.5 at 141.  

The Odd Even may have little respite, but do we have any other option ?  I don't think so. Situation is really bad. In spite of Odd Even, there is not much respite and there seems no other visible instant alternative in sight. Therefore, we have no other option, but to support the steps being taken to improve the Air quality in Delhi. Let's see what happens on Monday, that will be a real test to #oddeven. Yeah ! lesser traffic on the road, looks great, but again at the cost of those, who are forced ( Rs 2,000 Challan ), should never be treated as an achievement.

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B S Vohra 

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