Saturday, January 16, 2016

The ODD Uber Surge Pricing ..... Auto Wala Kare toh Character Dheela ?????


Dear Friends,
Today is the last day of the ODD / EVEN Formula ....... Congratulations Delhites for making it a Success.
I have ODD Numbered Cars so on EVEN days I tried different options ....... Car Pooling, Car Swapping, Auto and Finally Uber ......
We talk a lot about the FLEECING AUTOS asking for double the Fare, but my experience with UBER WAS SHOCKING ....... I downloaded the App .......... to my surprise the rates kept changing through the day.
The above Photographs are SCREEN SHOTS from my phone at my residence taken at 12:07 pm the Minimum Price @ 1.7X is Rs. 212.50 and later at 6:49 pm @ 3.9X was Rs. 487.50.
UBER has developed this novel idea of SURGE PRICING and fares keep changing based on Supply and demand. Through the day the rates changed from Minimum 1.3X to 2.8X to 3.9X on all kinds of rides UberGo, UberX and UberXL.
Uber Kare toh ooh la la ....... Auto Wala Kare toh Character Dheela ?????
Mr. Kejriwal, in your review please ensure, TO MAKE ODD / EVEN FORMULA A SUCCESS ...... CURB SURGE FLEECING,  Introduce Uniform Pricing.
Warm Regards,
Rajiv Kakria

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