Saturday, January 9, 2016

Powering banks to collect electricity bills in Delhi - Mohalla Samities

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

I must admit and compliment you on disseminating information from all fronts which is very useful and update what all happening around in East Delhi and thereby enlighten as well on all such vital matters. But while doing so, you should also invite comments of the RWAs etc. on all such vital issues so that you could present a better picture to the agencies concerned and get to know the feelings of the people to share with them! Your from address in all mails say: 'noreply'! People who are not very much conversant with 'facebook', 'twitter; etc., particularly senior citizens like me, unlike you as you are always energetic, enthusiastic and ever-ready to fight against 'unjust' being done, may continue to be permitted to express and share their views through e-mail, as hithertofore!

As regards 'powering banks to collect electricity bills in Delhi, I would like to inform you that our Society in Anand Vihar has made arrangements in its office by keeping 'Drop Boxes' for all such payments, be electricity, water, MTNL bills and IGL where the residents in Anand Vihar, sometimes the residents of neighbouring colonies as well take advantage of this facility to put their bills in the respective 'drop boxes' which are cleared periodically by the messengers nominated for the purpose by the said agencies which we find very useful, apart from 'payments on line' to them. Hence the RWAs in different colonies could also similarly help the people in their respective colonies by typing up for such arrangements with the agencies concerned, which will help them a lot!! Besides such agencies have also a system of depositing a fixed amount (based on the average of their bills) with them for deducting the amount of the bills regularly. You will be heartening to know that such agencies do also payment of interest on the remaining balance amount with them from time to time. 

To be in tune with the time - promoting 'digital India' etc. - we must also encourage the residents to resort to such aforesaid facilities for payment of bills. In fact with the passage of time cash payment of various bills at the counters will drastically reduce with the availability of credit and debit cards etc. issued by the banks etc. and carrying of cash with the people for such payments will gradually vane!!

Incidentally, may I remind you that we had been requesting your forum to collate the grievances of residents through their respective RWAs, which are 'common' in nature and present them to the authorities concerned and follow them up too till they are resolved to the satisfaction of the RWAs. We also understand that the Govt. of Delhi is also undertaking an exercise (fruitful and admirable and novel) to contact the local people concerned in 'Mohallas' to frame its forthcoming budget by making provisions for the same. The Govt. is engaging their AAP volunteers in various Mohallas for the purpose and making a financial provision too for undertaking some small works in the colonies to meet their long standing grievances! Can you throw some light on such vital issues and educate the RWAs in this respect to be prepared for the same, which will be found very useful!

Suffice to say thank you once again and pray to the Almighty to give all the strength and sinews to continue to do your present yeoman service to the community at large and bless you with all success in your earnest endeavours of which all of us can be proud of!!!

With deep regards,
TK Balu/Anand Vihar

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