Saturday, January 30, 2016

Delimitation of MCD Wards

I came to know through sh Kakaria letter that municipal Corporation Wards are being Delimitated now. Sir I wants to draw the attention of authorities towards unsensible delimitation done previously. There are Five Appartments in East Arjun Nagar Delhi-110032 1Anupam Appartment,2 Jeevan Bima apartment,3 Navrachna Appartment 4 Chiutrakoot Appartment 5 Hans Appartment During the last Municipal Election Navrachna and Jeevan Bima were put into Ward No 225 and other three in Ward No 226. We the residents of Navrachna Appartment were sandwiched between the other Appartment. Development work suffered even for fogging and all petty works we were forced the Complaint at Public Grievance Monotoring system. Now appeal to concerned authority that all the Five Appartments may be put either in Ward No 225 or in 226 do not sandwich  us so that development work could be done smoothly. 
with regards 
Chander Mohan 

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