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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

आज दिल्ली में इंसानियत की मौत हो गई !

इस से ज़्यादा शर्म की बात क्या हो सकती है की देश की राजधानी में, सैंकड़ों लोगों के सामने एक आम आदमी, थोड़े से मुआवज़े की आस में अपनी जान दे देता है और सब खड़े खड़े देखते रह जाते हैं.सब अपने दामन को सॉफ दिखाने की कोशिश कर रहे हैं लेकिन सच सिर्फ़ इतना है कि आज दिल्ली में इंसानियत की मौत हो गई.

Pics with thanks from various sources.

Monday, April 20, 2015

#india4india - on the journey of doing right

Boating for fun & masti is very common in every part of the world, but have you ever heard about a school on a boat ? Yeah ! this thought came into the mind of Ajeet singh, whose only aim was to DO RIGHT. He found small kids of fisherman, wasting their time and energy, aimlessly, on the banks of river Ganges in the Varanasi city. On his journey of doing right, for the small kids, he thought of educating them on a boat, under the banner of NGO GURIA.
All of us know & understand very well that for the economic growth of our country, the basic education for the kids is a must. But do you know that currently, we have the largest number of illiterates in the world ? Do you think, we can achieve our growth targets with such a large force of unguided illiterates. Our economy can grow at a much higher rate and our GDP can also touch the peak if we could concentrate on the education of these deprived children. 
Varanasi boat club has set an example for all those who want to do something for the society. We must come forward to support Ajeet Singh by helping him in his noble cause. Please log on to the website to understand the entire concept and come forward to stand by him so that more & more kids could join the group of literates in our country. We must keep in mind that such views are very common in almost every part of our country & every rupee spent by us for this noble cause will lead to the Economic growth of our country.
Those visiting Varanasi for various religious commitments must come forward for the education of poor kids by providing them #scholorship so that more & more students could lead a settled life which is the foundation stone for the development of any country.
We must come forward for the magical transformation of all such kids by giving them an opportunity to get educated in an ideal learning environment as provided by Ajeet singh, to the poor children of fisherman, by way of a boat school. I am sure that you too will join us for spreading the spirit of DOING RIGHT for this common cause as being done by Tata Capital, #India4India, so that more & more children could be accommodated on the path of development and glory.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Safe City, Public Transport and Raja Hindustani's

Dear Friends,

Yesterday Dwarka and today this small blip in the Times of India ..... (attached) ..... Dhaula Kuan ..... Nibhaya ........ Uber

We talk of safe cities and how unsafe Delhi is for women after sunset. Security, I think is a State of Mind, if there is assurance that a citizen is sure of a safe ride home in late hours from office, a party, movie or travel then all those connected to the individual feel a sense of relief.

This state of mind is akin to all, Netas, Cops, Babus and us Lesser Mortals - those with a criminal bent of mind also know this and exploit it to the fullest.

Net, Net, if there is reliable public transport then there will be a sense of security in the citizens, therefore more positivity. So what should Governments be doing  - its not rocket science - take care of the Public Transport and for BONUS we get Clean Environment.

For safe Public Transport there should be reliable verified vehicles, GPS installed to keep track, no refusals, no over charging, easy access, good frequency, no straying off designated routes, uniforms, training etc.

Those in the Public Transport business - Taxis, Autos, Grameen Sewa, E-Rickshaws are the new vote banks and what's more they can hold the city to ransom by going on a strike.

It is easy to grease palms and pick up a license, buy a vehicle on easy EMI's, get a permit (many times none of these, just rent a vehicle from a cartel) and you are in business ....... no one will verify your past record ....... remember Uber.

AAP Government has just taken back the one stick with which the Traffic Police could control them with .......

AND NOW MY FRIENDS ..... THE RAJA HINDUSANI IS COMPLETE ...... the growing incidence of Rape by Taxi Drivers reminds me of Amir Khan Starer, where a RICH TOURIST falls for the taxi driver and even revolts against her own father .... that was in a film ..... BUT DO WE NOT SEE MORE N MORE OF LIFE IMITATING FILMS?

And how dare a hapless woman, girl, child repulse his advances, after all, the all powerful Government is also scared of his clout and unlike Amir Khan in the Movie, he has MONEY TOO ...... therefore IRRESISTIBLE.

LET THE ENVIRONMENT GO TO HELL ...... I can afford it and I will give my Daughter a Car ..... just to avoid a Cab Ride in the late hours. We have seen all Governments competing to bend over backwards to please these Raja Hindutanis ........ WE DO NOT COUNT.

SORRY ..... and I am not generalising ..... like all in MCD or Police are not corrupt ....... but take a Poll ..... these guys do not instill Confidence.


Rajiv Kakria

Monday, April 13, 2015

Delhi discoms demand 20% hike in power tariff ?

Since last many years, we the activists of Delhi are regularly raising the issue of Power Tariff. DISCOMs have again asked for a hike of another 20% in the power tariff. Lets see which political party comes to our rescue. If you have any thoughts, views or opinion, please feel free to mail us for uploading on this blog that caters to the largest chunk of RWAs from Delhi & NCR. You can mail us at :

Delhi discoms demand 20% hike in power tariff

NEW DELHI: Citing a severe fund crunch, the power  distribution companies in the Capital have sought a hike of up to 20% in power tariffs from power regulator, Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC).
Currently, the DERC is in the process of reviewing the tariff for 2015-16 and has hinted that it may go up notwithstanding the AAP government’s firm position against any increase.
Sources said the three power distribution companies have sought up to 20% hike in tariff to meet rising power procurement costs.
While Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd has sought around 20% increase in tariff, the BSES Yamuna Power Ltd (BYPL) and BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd (BRPL) have demanded a hike of 19% and 16% respectively.
DERC, a quasi-judicial body, is likely to announce revised power rates next month after taking views of all stakeholders including resident welfare associations and discoms.
The AAP government had asked DERC to explain a series of hikes it effected in the last couple of years and indicated to it not to hike the tariff again till the Comptroller and Auditor General completed audit of the discoms.
However, DERC refused to follow the government’s diktat and decided to go ahead with the tariff determination process, arguing that the commission was “totally independent” to review rates.
The discoms have already conveyed to the DERC that “absence of cost reflective tariff and denial of Power Purchase Adjustment Cost (PPAC) for the last few months have depleted their financial positions”. The PPAC, which was introduced four years ago to help discoms adjust their power purchase cost, was discontinued by the regulator five months ago.
As per DERC figures, the two BSES discoms have a revenue gap of around ` 10,000 crore between 2009-2013.
According to power experts, cost of buying power by Delhi discoms has increased by around 300% since 2002 though the retail tariff has risen by only around 90% which has put strain on finances of the discoms.
Officials in power department said the three discoms had ut the revenue gap till current year to around ` 27,000 crore.

with thanks : Hindustan Times : Dated 13th April, 2015

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Congratulations to retired Colonel Shivraj and his wife Laxmi ji on this great achievement


With best wishes,
B S Vohra

Remove illegal hoardings immediately: HC to MCDs

Concerned over billboards, hoardings and posters, both political and commercial, being put up across the city in “gross violation” of outdoor advertising policy, Delhi HighCourt today directed municipal authorities to immediately remove such illegal structures.
A bench of justices B D Ahmed and Sanjeev Sachdeva observed that “there appears to be prima facie evidence of violation” of the 2007 Outdoor Advertising Policy and the 2009 Delhi Prevention of Defacement of Property Act.
The court issued notices to the municipal corporations of east, north and southDelhi, the New Delhi Municipal Council, Delhi Cantonment Board, city government and the police seeking their replies on whether the policy and Act were being implemented in “letter and spirit”.
“It is prima facie evident that there is gross violation of the policy and the Act. We need to see some action in implementation of the policy and Act. The respondents (Delhi government and other authorities) shall act immediately and remove illegal hoardings,billboards, posters which have been put up in violation of the policy and Act,” the court said.
The court was hearing a plea filed by Colonel (retd) Shivraj Kumar, a 83-year-old resident of the city, who has contended that advertisement hoardings, banners, posters and billboards, of any size, are being put up on residential buildings in violation of the policy and Act.
with thanks : Financial Express : LINK : for detailed news.