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Monday, December 22, 2014

Sarkaar Aapke Dwar in East Delhi at Yamuna Sports Complex !

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Plz note the change of our E mail ID

Please note the change of our E mail ID. Our earlier E mail ID will not be used any more as the company ( ) is closing this section of its business. 

Now onwards, our E mail ID will be which is already being used by most of you, and the new one :

With Best Regards,

B S Vohra

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The last bullet #PeshawarAttack !

Shame on Taliban, Shame on Jehadi’s, Shame on Pakistan that has always supported Terrorism. Osama when shot dead by America was living king size in Pakistan itself. All those who attacked Indian cities, or who are wanted by our police, also live there openly. Probably, Pakistan has today learnt it’s lesson and understood that a snake will always remain a snake even if you offer buckets of milk to it.

How the Taliban can order killing of innocent school children. If Taliban has guts, it can attack the Pakistani army. But to blew small kids, to shot dead small children is no more than a cowardice. They call themselves, pure Islamists. But no where in Islaam, its written to kill any human being. Every religion preaches love & peace. Seems these Talibanis have not read their own holy book or have misread & misunderstood its contents.

Earlier Nawaz sherif was termed as the Iron man of Pakistan. But seems that iron has melted & being supplied to the Talibanis to make guns & bullets to kill innocent kids.  Miyaan Nawaz Sharif sahib, atleast wake up now and STOP Hafiz Muhammad Saeed from blaming India for this most barbaric crime of Talibanis, for which they have already ashamed their own parents. 

Over 132 kids are mercilessly killed. Just think of their parents, who gave birth to them, who looked after their education with high hopes that the kids will reach to the utmost heights of careers. But they had never thought, that the utmost heights will cross even their lifeline. Hope, atleast now, Pakistan will stop supporting Terrorism & will take strongest possible action against them. 

We in India are really shocked. We extend our support & condolences for those sweet kids who are no more. Pakistani awam must wake up now and must come forward to safeguard their own interests. They must remember that these rulers under the control of a hidden military regime won't be of any use, if they wanna have a peaceful life.

India is with you in this hour of grief. Every Indian is with you in this hour of grief. But you must awake now to save the humanity. You must awake now to save your dignity. You must awake now to save your esteem. You must awake now, atleast to save your beloved ones. 

We have also lost innocent lives when they attacked our Parliament, when they planted bombs in our markets, when they killed innocent Indians on one pretext or other whereas your leaders never took any action against them. We felt very sad when our soldiers were beheaded and your Govt was a silent spectator. We suffered a lot when your agencies openly supported insurgency in India.

We can just hope that this shameful incident of EXTREME TERROR is enough to awaken you & to make a new Pakistan, with no more blood shed, no more Talibanis, no more terrorism. You must ensure that the bullet fired on the innocent children must be THE LAST BULLET fired to kill any innocent. We are with you in this hour of deep grief. #PeshawarAttack

Pics from various sources from Internet, FB, etc. with Thanks.

Monday, December 15, 2014

16th December - Can you forget Nirbhaya ?

16th December, 2 years ago. Nirbhaya - we can't forget you as nothing has changed so far. Come on, let's join to make a change where every one could feel safe & secure.