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Friday, February 27, 2015

Power & Water in Delhi : Press cuttings in a sequence :

with thanks : various News papers.
got the press cuttings from FB.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

बिजली फैसले से आरडब्ल्यूए नाराज

नगर संवाददाता, नई दिल्ली
दिल्ली सरकार ने 400 यूनिट से कम बिजली खपत करने पर बिल को आधा करने का ऐलान तो कर दिया है, मगर कई आरडब्ल्यूए इसका विरोध कर रहे हैं। आरडब्ल्यूए का कहना है कि इस फैसले से किसी भी हालत में 90 पर्सेंट लोगों को फायदा नहीं मिल सकता है क्योंकि 400 यूनिट से एक भी यूनिट ज्यादा होगी, तो पूरा बिल चुकाना पड़ेगा। हालांकि, कुछ आरडब्ल्यूए ने इस फैसले का समर्थन भी किया है।
आरडब्ल्यूए का कहना है कि फैसले से मिडल क्लास लोगों में बहस शुरू हो गई है कि जिन मुद्दों के लिए केजरीवाल को वोट डाले थे क्या वह अब उन्हें पूरा करने में नाकामयाब साबित हो रहे हैं। उनका कहना है कि इस फैसले के बाद 400 यूनिट से कम खपत करने वालों को तो फायदा होगा लेकिन पहले की तरह 400 यूनिट से ज्यादा पर बिल में जो सब्सिडी दी जा रही थी, उसे क्यों खत्म किया जा रहा है।
ईस्ट दिल्ली आरडब्ल्यूए के जॉइंट फ्रंट फेडरेशन के प्रेजिडेंट बी.एस. वोहरा कहते हैं, मई-जून में लोगों को काफी परेशानी झेलनी पड़ सकती है। मुझे नहीं लगता है कि इस फैसले से 90 पर्सेंट लोगों को फायदा होगा। और अगर सरकार सच भी कह रही है तो बाकी 10 पर्सेंट के बारे में क्यों नहीं सोचा जा रहा है।
ग्रेटर कैलाश-1 के आरडब्ल्यूए मेंबर राजीव काकरिया कहते हैं कि सब्सिडी का रास्ता गलत है। दिल्ली में बिजली के डिस्ट्रिब्यूशन के ढांचे को दुरुस्त करने की जरूरत है। गरीब लोग किराए पर रहते हैं और उनके घर में बिजली की रीडिंग सब मीटर से ली जाती है। अब इस फैसले के बाद ऐसे लोगों को हर यूनिट 10 से 12 रुपये की मिलेगी।
साउथ एक्स के आरडब्ल्यूए मेंबर मंजीत सिंह चुग कहते हैं कि रेजिडेंशल एरिया में रहने वाले ज्यादातर लोगों के घरों में एसी लगे हुए हैं। पहले लोगों को 400 यूनिट से ऊपर भी सब्सिडी मिलती थी, नए ऐलान से बिल्कुल भी फायदा नहीं होगा। पीतमपुरा के एडी ब्लॉक के मेंबर संजय सिहाग कहते हैं, कई लोगों की जॉइंट फैमिली है। उनका बिल तो 400 यूनिट से ज्यादा आएगा ही, ऐसे में ऐसी फैमिली को कैसे फायदा होगा।
with thanks : Nav Bharat Times

Real deserving class of the people will be deprived of it

Its just joke-like. There should be some consideration to provide relief either to the poor or any class of society or all. In this case all those having more than one meters, living just two-three members or generally out ( even if they all are from affluent class, which is most probable), will be benefited and there is every possibility that the majority of the real deserving class of the people will be deprived of it.
Mathura Sharma

Focus should be on systematic reforms, not subsidies : RWAs

With thanks : Hindustan Times

SHOCK FACTOR - RWAs trash Sisodia claim that 90% to gain

Feb 26 2015 : The Times of India (Delhi)
SHOCK FACTOR - RWAs trash Sisodia claim that 90% to gain
New Delhi:

The city’s middle class and upper middle class hardly benefit from the AAP government’s new power subsidy regime, many RWA members complained on Wednesday. The government, though, insisted that up to 90% of consumers stand to gain.“It is not possible that 36 lakh out of 40 lakh Delhi power consumers use up to 400 units. Who are those actually gaining from this subsidy…Suppose a landlord has multiple tenants, each with a submeter, the tenants’ consumption would remain within 400 units. But since the bills go to the main tenant, it’ll cross the 400-unit threshold. Everyone will end up paying full tariff,’’ explained Rajiv Kakria, member of GK I RWA.

B S Vohra from East Delhi Joint Front RWAs added: “There’s no way so many people will benefit from this, as the government claims. Cross 400 units by a single unit, and you end up paying full tariff. How many can actually check consumption so often?'' While the Delhi discoms' average consumption has risen 10%-16% annually , some experts said the average con sumer’s power use too has steadily gone up. “Cheap power doesn’t mean savings for most families. It means many families will draw more power at the same rates they were paying. Instead of taking the subsidy route, the government should’ve figured out how bills could be reduced through judicious power use,’’ said Vipin Mittal, a Vasant Kunj resident.

Many residents said if one uses ACs regularly, consumption would breach 400 units.
“What will happen in summers? Who will stay within 400 units? On what basis does the government claim 90% benefits,’’ asked a resident of Green Park. The government is silent on how the subsidy will be financed. Many power experts slammed the government saying giving 50% subsidy was against the interests of the sector.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Power Tariff slashed but who will get benefit ?

Delhi Govt. today slashed the Power Tariff. Those consuming upto 200 units will now pay Rs. 2 per unit instead of Rs 4 earlier. Those consuming 201 - 400 units will now pay Rs 2.98 per unit instead of Rs 5.95 earlier. Definitely it's a big boom for those consuming only upto 400 units in a month.

But the minute your consumption crosses the mark of 400 units per month, every benefit will vanish. You will not get any discounts instead you will have to pay the entire bill at the full rates and it seems that the rates for upper slabs have been hiked to compensate the yearly subsidy of 1427 crores. Tariff for 401 to 800 units will be Rs 7.30 per unit which was earlier Rs 6.80 per unit.

Similar is the case on the water front. 20000 KL of water is free but if you cross the limit, you will have to pay the entire bill.The water subsidy will be Rs 250 crores per annum.

Now let's wait n watch, to find, who really gets any real benefit out of the above changes as Delhiites will now have to keep a permanent eye on the meters to remain within limits else be prepared to pay the entire amount even if you touch 401 units or 20001 KL.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Faulty DJB water meters !

This has reference to yr msg regarding faulty meters.

My comments are as under:-

I am a Sr. Citizen & consumer of water with a track record of over FORTY YEARS  'for low water consumption with "zero or minimum wastage of water" and advance payments to MCD and DJB' which can be verified from records of FORTY YEARS.

Yesterday, Meter- reader Mr. Naresh was at my place to note down the readings from meter around 1230 Hr. No SUPPLY OF WATER AT THAT TIME IN AREA.

He noted down the reading in presence of another person Mr. Santosh from my Neighbourhood who informed both of us that meter is running (please note that water supply gets disconnected around 0630 hr in morning and supply restarts at around 1530 Hr or so.
With no supply "on", all water taps tightly closed
and no pumps installed in the house ""THE METER WAS FOUND RUNNING"".

Now, I can safely state that 
1. meters are faulty.
3. action for testing, recalibration to be taken enmass.
4. No payment to be taken from public till this action 3. Is complete.
5. Faulty meters to be replaced with NEW, TESTED & CALIBRATED METERS.

Kindly publish this also and get the needful done.

This request is being made to you under Intimation to area counselor, MLA and few responsible and respected members of Society of this area & local media.

Best regards,

Vinay Kapoor 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Free water to Free mein hi nikal jaega ?