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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

BJP, Congress, AAP : Who will revert over it ?

Thanks for sharing / bringing this to the notice of Political Parties as well RWAs and Consumers / Masses. Hope to meet you soon. Let's, we all active members who were fighting jointly with DERC to meet again at some common place or avail the next opportunity of any DERC hearing and think about next line of action also.

Warm Regards

S L Watwani

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

BJP, Congress, AAP : Who will revert over it ?

We had sent the detailed E - mail to BJP, Congress as well Aam Aadmi Party. The reply from AAP is : 

We thank you for sending your observation. We are forwarding it to our expert team for a deep consideration. Kindly be assured that if we can use this information to lower the rates, and help the public, we will definitely go for it.  AAP believes that the government should work for the people.

Thanks and Regards,
Dona Rose Thomas
Team AAP

BJP, Congress, AAP : Who will revert over it ?

Power Tariff : Who is fooling whom ?

On the left side, click on the  :
BSES Delhi 10 Years Journey :
You will get a PDF File. Plz scroll down to Page number 30 to read the truth yourself.

BSES on its website, in this PDF presentation, has very clearly mentioned that, Delhi Govt. GAINS 7500 crores per annum from DISCOMs i.e. 25% of it's Budget.

Our question is that if Delhi Govt gains so much from DISCOMs, why it is sticking to a subsidy of a few hundred crores. It can reduce its GAINS to lower the Power Tariff substantially, so that Delhiites could have a sigh of relief.

We have forwarded an E mail to BJP, Congress & AAP. Let's see which political party reverts over it ? 


B S Vohra
Voice of Delhi RWAs ( FB )