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Monday, May 25, 2015

B S Vohra : The Hindu NewsPaper

with thanks : The Hindu

Saturday, May 23, 2015

100 DAYS – AAP & RWA


By B S Vohra, New Delhi, 23 May :

It was on 18th October last year, I got an SMS from AAP that stated, “ Arvind Kejriwal’s interaction with RWA’s for their role in development of Delhi. Plz  join on 18th Oct Sat, 2 pm at Ahwan-e-Galib, ITO, opp. Mata Sundri College”.

I am absolutely apolitical & hence had no problem in visiting such an interaction with AAP. But I could not go there on that day as it was the fateful day when my loving mother had expired and at around 2 pm I was in the ambulance, with the body of my mom.

Till the results were declared, I got regular WhatsApp messages from the mobile number of Arvind Kejriwal. But the outcome of the elections, the massive majority of the AAP regime in Delhi, changed it, a lot.

The very next day, the above said WhatsApp connection stopped buzzing. No more WhatsApp messages from Arvind. Even the messages sent by us were not delivered and never exhibited a double tick or the blue line. Though it started again after a long gap, but for  a very short duration.

We the RWAs were now expecting an interaction with the AAP SARKAR but in spite of our various mails, SMS messages and the Direct Whatsapp to Arvind, we never got any reply.

In the mid of April, AAP Govt had advertised to submit suggestions for Delhi Budget. On the very same day, we mailed 10 suggestions ( later increased it by one more ) to the designated E mail ID under CC to the media. It was printed, point wise in various newspapers, but still no reply from AAP. We tweeted to the Deputy CM but even our tweets met the same fate.

The AAP team that looked much more aggressive on Social media before the elections, behaved quite differently, after the elections. It had promised reduction of power tariff for all, despite the usage, but a cap of 400 units was imposed. It had promised free water for all,  but imposed a cap in such a way that any more consumption will make you liable for the entire amount. The fate of the CAG Audit of DISCOM’s or the white paper is still unknown.

Though they were created by the media, now they want to sue them for anything published or aired, that’s not suitable to them. Whatever happened to Yogender Yadav & Prashant Bhushan is known to all.  Its law minister is under a big scanner. Its Vishwas may lose the vishwas of the general public.

Development is no more a problem for Arvind as he himself can be viewed on various TV channels, saying, that his govt has lowered the corruption and saved enough to lower the power tariff and to give free water.  Though, the RWAs, may ask for the total budget of such advertisements on various TV channels.

Just got a mail from the office of the CM that they get a large number of mails & they will revert to us shortly for a meeting with Arvind. If I  get the reply & if we could meet & discuss our issues with him, I will revert on that too, shortly.

Hope so .….as so far nothing happened ( for RWAs ) in the last 100 days.

With best regards,

B S Vohra

BS-VohraB S Vohra is President, EAST DELHI RWAs JOINT FRONT – Federation. He can be reached at / . Views are personal )
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015



( By B S Vohra ) The Audited Balance Sheet of BYPL & BRPL clearly mention that they have 49% share capital i.e. equal to the share held by Delhi Govt. Hence they must be under the scanner of CAG Audit as well RTI. But because of the clauses mentioned below, they are still treated as the actual holders of 51% share capital & therefore out of the range of CAG & RTI. Don’t you think that DELHI GOVT. must change these clauses immediately. Plz go through the details as below

13.5 : BSES shall not be entitled to assign the rights, benefits and/or obligations of this Agreement to any other person. Provided that BSES may after prior information to the Holding Company transfer the Shares in excess of 26 per cent of the total equity share capital of the COMPANY (as existing on the date of this shareholders Agreement) in the name of any of the group companies of which BSES is a part or any public financial institution as recognized under section 4-A of the Indian Companies Act, any National/Scheduled Banks or any foreign financial institutions approved by the Government of India. Further to bring about improvements in the distribution system of the 
COMPANY, BSES can, after prior information to the Holding Company, assign a maximum of 5 percent of the total equity share capital of the COMPANY in favour of any other company which has relevant experience in the electricity sector. Provided that BSES shall procure an undertaking from the other company that it will act along with BSES as a group shareholder. However, BSES shall hold not less than 26 percent of the total equity share capital of the COMPANY in its name. Notwithstanding such transfer of shares, BSES shall continue to be responsible for due fulfillment of all the obligations of BSES as specified in this Agreement as if the shares in COMPANY other than shares held by Holding Company or its successor entity or entities, is entirely held by BSES.

Provided however that there shall be no restriction on the pledge of the sharesto the banks and financial institutions to secure finances and funding for the business of the COMPANY. 

For the purposes of this Agreement two bodies corporate will be considered as a part of the same group if one body corporate is a subsidiary or holding company of another or both the bodies corporate are otherwise to the satisfaction of Holding Company established to be under a common management.

B S Vohra is President, EAST DELHI RWAs JOINT FRONT – Federation. He can be reached at / . Views are personal )
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