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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Vote Kachehri Mein Kiran : AAJTAK : B S Vohra

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Power Bill ?????

Dear Friends,

On this column  I wrote yesterday on how the POWER BILL will destroy us in time to come.But there has been no response what so ever will you leave our kids to die with the financial load of POWER tariffs etc.

Thus this privatization model of POWER/WATER/HEALTH CARE/TRANSPORT/EDUCATION etc has FAILED miserably.Thus the Government should run it under there absolute CONTROL

Now read this 



Kiran Bedi from Krishna Nagar !

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

Heartiest congratulations that our future CM will be contesting from (your) Krishna Nagar constituency and this with your past efforts and future prospects would no doubt become the most coveted place in East Delhi.  All of us should also be proud to have a CM from East Delhi which has not had any CM in its history!! Trust and pray that the entire Delhi, particularly East Delhi will get a boost and face lift in the map of Delhi. We pray for her resounding success and change the map of Delhi to a desirable and coveted level with her efforts ably supported by others!!!
With best regards,

TK Balu/Anand Vihar

Kiran Bedi from Krishna Nagar as CM !

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Babus ..... Chalta Hai !

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

I totally and wholeheartedly endorse your views. We must change the present practice and improve upon it! That is what our Hon'ble P.M. also desires. But we don't change unless the order comes from the top! We have to effect many many changes in all walks of life and the system. Can't we throw it open to get a feed back from all as to what all changes they wish to make in statutes, rules and regulations etc. so that we could consolidate and send them to the authorities concerned. In the process we have to revamp the entire administrative machinery too to expect desired results and momentum in this direction. A lot of lethargy and 'chalta hi' have crept in the mindset of our revered 'babus' who all wish to while away time (presently bask in the sun) but obtain their dues promptly! It is a sorry state of affairs everywhere, wherever you look at! How to proceed further?

With deep regards and best wishes,

TK Balu/Anand Vihar

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Difference between Fog & Smog !

Whenever moisture is high in air, air movement is less and the temperature is low, fog is the automatic result. It reduces visibility and more accidents are reported on the roads including delay in both railway and airlines services. When the level of pollution is high in the atmosphere, the pollutant particles get mixed into the fog reducing its visibility further and the resultant is called as smog.Smog is very dangerous to both lungs and the heart.
  1. High sulfur dioxide contents lead to precipitation of chronic bronchitis.
  2. High nitrogen dioxide contents lead to precipitation of asthma.
  3. High particulate matter (PM10), air pollutants sized between 2.5 to 10 microns, can damage the lungs and precipitate asthma due to air flow and inflammation.
  4. High contents of particulate matter (PM 2.5), air pollutants less than 2.5 micron in size can enter the lungs and damage the lung lining. They can also be absorbed and cause inflammation of the heart arteries.
  5. Patients with asthma and chronic bronchitis should get the dose of their medicine increased during smog days. One should avoid exerting in the presence of smog.
  6. It is better to avoid walking during smog hours.
  7. One should drive slowly during smog hours.
  8. Heart patients should stop their early morning walk during smog hours.
  9. Remember to take the flu, pneumonia vaccine.

Best regards,

Vinay Kapoor 

Election Commission Babus TURNING OUR DEMOCRACY INTO A ..... !

HARSH WORDS ...... but we need to call a spade a spade and crack the whip before things get totally out of hand.

In a democracy even the Holy Cows should be questioned, Election Commission is one such Autonomous Body that commands immense Public Confidence and if this body too has started to OVERLOOK KEY ISSUES THAT CAN TURN OUR DEMOCRACY INTO A FARCE ...... then God Save this Country and its Cherished Democracy.

Why do we say this ?????? CHETNA and we the activists associated with it have been working on MAKING EACH VOTE COUNT. Be that in Voter Awareness Programmes like 'Delhi Come Out and Vote' to increase Voter Turnout or to set right the Flaws in the Voter Registration and Vote Counting Systems.

Two foremost reasons to instill confidence in the Electorate are ....

1. Ensure Genuine Vote is not Nullified by a Bogus Vote or even outnumbered
2. Ensure Every Vote remains a Secret

You may remember my mail of August 2013 'Is your Vote Really Secret' ...... CHETNA followed that up with a set of RTI's to find out how proof of Address is ascertained and a PIL seeking Abolition of Booth Wise Declaration of Results.

Bogus Vote Risks..... how it affects the City
  1. Bogus Vote nullifies a Genuine Vote
  2. Creates unsavoury vote banks
  3. Encourages Criminals to enter Politics
  4. Makes it easier to capture Booths by installing Goons as Booth Agents
  5. Genuine Stakeholders voice drowned in bogus numbers
  6. Policy and Planning gets skewed
  7. Welfare funds usurped by immigrants and  Ghost citizens
  8. Safe Haven for Criminals who flee their home state to avoid Law (ie UBER Cab Driver)

Advantages of Abolishing Booth Wise Counting of Votes
1. Local Netas will no longer be able to buy Bulk Votes

2. Political Parties will no longer try to divide Society on Caste, Community, Religious Lines
3. Political Parties will no longer indulge in vindictive activities like diverting funds to their Vote Banks
4. Political Parties will no longer indulge in vindictive activities like demolishing JJ Clusters who did not vote for the winning party
5. The control of local Dons will diminish
6. Criminals will no longer get Party Tickets
7. Restore confidence of Citizens who do not Vote

We expected the Election Commission to be Proactive in setting right these two Anomalies once apprised of the Facts that they should have known in the first place.

INSTEAD Election Commission Babus have made us Run in Circles to Obtain information about Bogus Voters and dragging their Feet in stopping Booth Wise Counting of Votes ..... NOW YOU KNOW WHY SUCH A HARSH LANGUAGE USED.

Please look up the Attachments.


Anil Sood and Rajiv Kakria