Thursday, July 29, 2010


Dear Sir,
Mr T. K. Balu of Anand Vihar has very rightly analysed the present scenario with regard to erection of iron security gates in colonies vis-a-vis the indiffernet and casual attitude of the Police towards security of the citizens. Priyadarshini Vihar is a victim of the arbitrary and unthoughtful decisions of Delhi Police.
A NOC from the area ACP is required by the MCD to allow erection or regularization of security gates on colony's internal gates.  As per para 3(f) of the MCD guidelines for installation of gates issued on 30th June 2007, the RWA should ensure that there is 'consensus' among the residents regarding putting up of gates so as to avoid dispute amongst residents. Fair enough, as MCD is responsible for deciding the size of the gates and sites where these can be installed.
After waiting for three years and with intervention of  the Hon'ble Delhi High Court, a NOC was issued, but withdrawn after 5 days.  The reason - the Delhi Police issued a Special Order No.382/2009 saying that the "RWA shall ensure that there is 'total consensus' among residents on putting up a gate".  
The other reason given is that we have only 99.9% support, as one resident has objection to erection of gates.  So, friends, to please one person, the security and safety of 999 people, including over 250 senior citizens in our colony can be compromised by the guardians of our security.
So, be prepared if you are also thinking of obtaining a NOC from the Police to get your gates regularized.  The incidents of crime have been increasing in the colony since our gates were removed last year.  It is a big problem for us today,  it may be yours tomorrow.  If any one of you have any suggestions/advice as to how we can deal with this problem, please do let me know at my email: 
Ram Gupta
General Secretary
Priyadarshini Vihar RWA

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