Saturday, August 12, 2017

Expecting the reply from our Readers : Please revert over the issues raised by Sh Balu ji

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

You are fighting for the benefit of 'aam aadmi' on all fronts with the Govt. and other agencies. Your relentless and consistent positive approach should pay dividends to appreciate and applaud efforts!!

Can you enlighten us on the following specific and burning issues:-

1. What is happening to the policy decision relating to payment of property tax? Residents are anxious to know!
2. Fogging by the EDMC in all colonies to fight against all seasonal diseases, as was done in the past!!
3. Cleaning of storm water drains, stagnant water is over flowing on the streets.
4. Maintenance of EDMC parks, plantation, pruning of wild growth of plants and watering.

Can you enlighten us on all the above issues to inform our local residents in Anand Vihar colony?

Awaiting your reply anxiously and with deep regards,
TK Balu/Anand Vihar

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