Monday, August 7, 2017

Automatic Systems to maintain Utilities at Delhi

HE Anil Baijal Ji,

​1. App should be developed for the following services so that the citizens can send the photo / details to one central point to get the Utility in order.

1.01 Street Lights
1.02 Traffic Lights
1.03 Leakage of water
1.04 ​Defacement
1.05 Potholes on the Roads 
1.06 Encroachment on Pavements
1.07 Encroachment of Public Places
1.08 Wrong Sign Posts
1.09 Waterlogging specially during rains.
1.10 Women related events
1.11 Dhalaos

2. The WhatsApp No and the email ID should be promulgated.
3. The citizens of Delhi want to help the authorities to make Delhi a Capital which every countryman shall be proud of.

Without blaming anyone, we want to discuss across the table to identify the bottlenecks and the plan of action to overcome the same.
You are the Executive Head of Delhi and control the Delhi Police, Delhi Government and the Civic Agencies.

 We have a network of RWAs across Delhi.

About 15-20 active citizens across Delhi would like to call on you to discuss the same.

Please give us some time and set up a meeting.

Col Shivraj
Poster Hatao Campaign

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