Tuesday, July 18, 2017

RWA's Condemn the Death (MURDER) of Mr. Abhimanyu Singh by POWER THIEVES

RWA's Condemn the Death (MURDER) of Mr. Abhimanyu Singh by POWER THIEVES ...... wishing speedy recovery to others injured in performing their duty.

The Secretary,

Dear Sir,

This is a sad day for Delhi, that Power Thieves are so emboldened to attack BSES Staff deputed to check Power Theft, that too under Police Protection.

WE REQUEST YOU TO PLEASE OBSERVE TWO MINUTES SILENCE BEFORE THE START OF PUBLIC HEARING to be held on 19th July 2017, to show solidarity with the bereaved family.

RWA's have for long protested the theft of Power By Vote Banks, as it affects the Tariff Structure of Honest Citizens. If the Government of the Day is unable to control such thieves then, one is tempted to suggest Snapping of Power to that area, but then that will impact the few honest Consumers in that Area.

We suggest the amount of Stolen Power should be deducted from the LAD Fund of the Theft Prone area's MP, MLA and Councillor so that Honest Citizens do not feel cheated. After all these are Vote Banks that are cultivated through such unfair means, how else do they get so emboldened?????

DERC should instruct the Centre to Redeploy CISF to protect BSES Staff in helping curb this menace.


Rajiv Kakria
Member, GK-I, RWA

PS: Request all RWA's to send their condolence to the beareaved family through DERC.

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