Friday, July 14, 2017

Parking Policy

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

Thanks for taking initiative to address the current but ever burning topic on parking in Delhi which is highlighted from time to time but no practical and feasible solutions are found and adopted to ensure smooth movement of vehicles and pedestrians alike! It is easy to criticise the policy being being made by the Administrative authorities concerned but practical suggestions like yours and Shri Rajiv Kakria are rate to find for consideration of the authorities concerned. Hope you are forwarding them from your side also to them! 

I give below a few suggestions to supplement yours and Shri Kakria's which may also please be forwarded to the authorities concerned:-

1. As you must have seen in the editorial col. of HT on 12th July, cities can't be decongested unless private cars are taxed more than buses. We always quote practice obtaining in certain foreign countries to fortify our argument in this respect. Notwithstanding, I totally endorse this aspect.

2. Purchase of cars should be linked with Aadhaar and Pan nos. and while doing so the purchasers should produce a certificate about the parking space availability at their residences by a nominated authority failing which they cannot purchase the same, as is obtaining in certain countries.

3. Pooling of vehicles should be encouraged and the high Govt. officials being provided independent cars for their official(unofficial too) purposes, particularly for commuting from their respective residences to office and back. As a result the number of cars on the road increases and there is no parking space for such vehicles in or around the office buildings! Why they should not be provided 'transport allowance' instead of providing independent cars to such officials!

3. Parking of vehicles on public roads, irrespective whether they are inside the colony or otherwise, should be charged on a monthly/yearly basis which on the one hand regulate the number of vehicles (may discourage too to acquire more vehicles per family, as is the practice now and mop up the revenues to some extent being earned by the authorities concerned.

4. Concentrate improving and providing more public transport vehicles - metro, local trains, buses etc. - with last mile connectivity by providing suitable vehicles like e-rickshwas, autos to reach their destinations and return too back home, which is presently lacking totally. To quote a simple example, if the local EMUs trains between Delhi/New Delhi to Ghaziabad at frequent specified timings and improve the ring railway, which lying dormant, they could carry more passengers than any other mode, like the Delhi Metro, which is getting crowded, day after day! Of course, from the respective stations 'last mile connectivity' should be ensured.

5. Encourage sale and purchase of 'smaller vehicles' instead of bigger ones by giving suitable incentives.

6. No school or hospital or nursing homes etc. should be approved unless they ensure 'suitable parking spaces' within their designated premises. The present factual position is totally absent at all such places, which anyone could see for themselves and the local Police authorities do not challan them at all, as they get their 'mamul' (which is a hefty one) on a regular basis, as they get their monthly salary. Imposing 'hefty fines' is not the solution as while the well to do people (who have flush of money) can afford but middle class and lower strata people can ill afford.

7. I could not understand one thing that the Police authorities challan all vehicles, which are, of course, due to lack of identified parking space' in front of chain of markets etc. as they have to purchase the samans and load them conveniently in their vehicles. How else they will do the shopping and take their samans? Everyone cannot afford to go to the socalled 'malls' which are usually expensive in all respects excepting getting 'air-conditioned' environment!

8. Auto rickshwas, e-rickshaws, taxies etc. should go according to meters in their vehicles and should not refuse to take any passengers, irrespective of distance and if they do so, severe punishment should be meted out. Some sort of 'discipline' should be enforced which is totally lacking in Delhi, unlike Mumbai etc. and they all fleece the passengers like anything and refuse to take them, if they are not willing to pay. This situation has to be improved a lot! Nobody is willing to move according to meters but why then they have been installed in their vehicles. In this context I would also suggest that all such vehicles should be provided with 'distance/mileage/kilometers' instead of 'fare meters' as is the present situation. The drivers should be provided with a 'fare table' according to distance travelled, which may be revised from time to time, but this should be available with every driver of such vehicles, which is easier normally to check as most of the commuters normally know the distances (approximately at least) to their destinations

There could be many more! But will you please consolidate the same and forward the same to the authorities concerned with a follow-up action, which could strengthen our suggestions and you have the (hopefully) the machinery, zeal and passion to do the same!!!

With best regards,
TK Balu/Anand Vihar

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