Thursday, June 15, 2017

Deterrence policy for Delhiites

Deterrence policy for Delhiites : Pay hefty sums for #parking your own #car, in front of your own #home, and with more money in the coffers, they will plan yet another #deterrence for you. 

It can be called deterrence, if it’s applicable to the buyers of new cars only.  How can they call it deterrence, if the existing car holders are made to pay hefty amounts, on the name of #parking ?

Under this policy, those who can afford, will be free to own multiple number of vehicles, with no care for the pollution and congestion, while those who can't afford, will have to suffer.

Don’t you think, that they are just trying to add to their coffers with nothing in mind for the general public.

Don't you think that Govt can do much more, and in a much better way, for the benefit of masses ?

Awaiting your comments. Thanks.

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