Friday, October 7, 2016

True friendship !

I never knew about the real friendship till I met a reporter of a Top News channel. He came to me for recording my Interview and left after doing the news story. Next day he again called me for my opinion on another issue & soon it became a routine. We started calling each other regularly and he started discussing almost every news story with me. 

We never knew that with the passing of time we had become friends and that too so close that we started missing each other if we had no talks even for a single day. It was a pleasant surprise for me and my family when, a day before Diwali, he visited us with Gifts for all. We too visited him on the day of Diwali and it became a routine. 

Probably that was the beginning of a real friendship between us. Though I was a very reserved type of person, he was of a very joyful nature. He always had a smiling face and always encouraged me to speak boldly on various issues concerning the general public. He even added my name as the contributor to the data shared for the Documentaries that he made for a corporate house. 

Soon he became a family member for all of us. He used to call my wife – Bhabiji and always boosted my daughters to speak in public. Though both of us were married, we used to attend various marriages together and celebrated the festivals and family events together. 

All this continued for a few years and we were becoming closer by the passing of every day, but probably fate had a different story in the process. On a fine morning, he called me and told that he will reach me in an hour for doing some story, but after almost half an hour I got a call from a common friend that he had met with an accident. 

We rushed to the hospital and yes, he was there, lying in a pool of blood, covered with a white bed sheet. He was no more. He was dead. I was shivering like a hell, but nothing was in my hand. I cried, shouted at him, but probably he had to do some story with the God almighty and so he left in a hurry. Even now while I am writing these lines, my eyes are full of tears which reminds me the true friendship between us. 

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