Friday, March 11, 2016

Power Tariff in Delhi

9th March 2016

Mr. Satyendar Jain
Hon’ble Minister for Power
Government of NCT of Delhi
Delhi Secretariat
IP Estate, New Delhi

Sub: News report in HT of 9th March and the statement of the Hon’ble Minister

Dear Satyendar Ji

We refer to news reports in the Hindustan times dated 9th March 2016 regarding your statements as reported on the matter of power tariff hike and CAG audit of DISCOMS. Since URJA has been the frontrunner and the first body to raise the matter of power tariffs we consider it important to let the public at large and all RWA to be aware of the factual position in this matter as political statements, even inadvertently made can be seriously misleading.

We believe that systemic faults should be rectified through following due process honestly rather than through political theatre & browbeating.

Therefore we would like to say that:

1.      It is not for the GNCTD to allow or permit a hike or reduction in power tariff. This is the sole & statutory responsibility of the DERC and political interference is avoidable as it damages the institution
2.      The power tariffs were hiked last year basis petitions by the private DISCOMS. The hikes were offset by subsidies provided through the state exchequer. Therefore your statement that tariffs were not hiked is fallacious
3.      RWAs have been the ones who have for the last ten years pursuing this matter. A brief history is enunciated
  • That in 2005 a group of RWAs gather under URJA and ensure a tariff role back of 10%
  • URJA & Power Experts help organise, educate and escalate the lawful filing of objections each year against the Tariff petitions filed by DISCOMs before DERC.
  • RWAs persistent protests and demands force the political fraternity of the state to recognize power tariff as an election issue  during the last two elections
·         The demand for a CAG audit has been persistently raised by URJA and all RWA since 2005. URJA led a padyatra to 70 MLAs in the congress Government demanding a CAG audit which was ordered by the then cabinet in principle.
·          It was URJA in 2011 that took the matter to the hon’ble HC and the GNCTD only followed suit. The current matter of appeal against the Hon’ble HC judgment was also first filed in 2015 by URJA in the Hon’ble SC and once again the GNCTD only followed it in 2016.

Your exhorting the RWA to become party is therefore unnecessary. The RWA are already a party and became so on both occasions prior to the GNCTD
We hope you will continue to push for systemic reforms in the power sector as well as maintain the integrity of institutions.

We suggest and request  that a white paper be published by the GNCTD clearly stating in the public domain the role of the Government,  the political parties, RWAs, GENCOs, the DERC and the DISCOMS in  tariff fixation. A wide circulation of the same will be informative for the public

With My best wishes
Warm Regards

Atul Goyal

United RWAs Joint Action-URJA

The Secretariat
United RWAs Joint Action

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