Thursday, December 10, 2015

Success of Odd & Even plan of Delhi Government ?

K/a. : Transport Minister, Delhi Govt.

Dear Sir,

A study by the Centre for Science and Environment has revealed that Cars contribute only 22% in the Air Pollution of Delhi. Therefore, by the Odd & Even measures, we will not be able to check, even half of the Cars, as Govt vehicles, Car pooling vehicles, Women driven vehicles, CNG vehicles and many others, are expected to get exemption, on one or other ground.  

Moreover, those stranded on the roads, without a car, will use other transport facilities such as three wheelers, taxis, buses to move to their destination and this additional pressure on the public transport, will also create, additional pollution, mitigating all the efforts. As a result, we may not be able to reduce the air pollution, even by 5 %. 

If you are really serious over the issue, why don’t you apply the scheme of barring just two digits per day ( i.e. All Vehicles of those two digits – Except Govt & Emergency services ) from roads, as below : 

Monday : all vehicles with 0 & 1 digits, Tuesday : all vehicles with 2 & 3 digits, Wednesday : all vehicles with 4 & 5 digits, Thursday : all vehicles with 6 & 7 digits and on Friday : all vehicles with 8 & 9 digits, between 8 AM to 8 PM.  Saturday & Sunday will be exempted.   

It will create a problem for some of the residents, everyday, but for a day onlyin the seven days period but it will have a massive impact in resolving the pollution issue as it may go down by many times of the present possibility. Office goers may sacrifice for a day for the sake of our city or may ask to adjust the working day with Saturday. 

Rest depends upon you, but we are very much sure that strict measures must be taken to reduce the pollution from Delhi & that must include, barring / regulating, the influx of new vehicles in the city.

With Best regards,
B S Vohra
Social Activist

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