Saturday, September 28, 2013

Why looting the country in the name of seva or service to the people ?

It is a pity and deeply regretful that our 'politicians' / netas and their chamchas have ruined the country by their policies and now we could only look forward to the Supreme Court to rescue us from the 'clutches' of our so called representatives of the people, who only look after themselves, in the name of 'aam aadmi', exploiting, in the process to the fullest extent. All politicians, irrespective of parties, are alike and looting the country in the name seva or service to people! "China has rightly said: "Democracy in India is shallow and has failed to provide stability and overall growth for its citizens. Democratic institutions have failed to provide 'equality' to its citizens"! It is shocking and time has come to show our worth to the politicians, armed with the Supreme Court order giving voters the Right to Reject!! 

It is shocking that an upcoming and upgraded politician ridiculed the Govt.'s action on the issue of an ordinance with words which cannot be chewed or digested by any hon'ble citizen of this country. It is a wake-up call for all politicians that they could no longer take their voters for a 'free ride' and get votes from them by showing 'lollipop'! Can we now at least change now?

It is still yet an another ridiculous statement made by our hon'ble Minister for Petroleum saying: "I want everyone from the highest ranking officers to the lowest to take 'public transport' every wednesday (only)' and go by cars provided to all officers upto the rank of Directors by the Govt on all other days including week-ends in the garb of coming to office ! With the introduction of Metro, its feeder buses and local DTC transport, what is the difficulty in availing of them daily and save precious 'petrol/diesel' for the entire country saving precious foreign exchange and thereby helping the 'economy' to come up!! They could also 'pool their vehicles' to go to office, instead of having 'independent cars' at the cost of Govt. We can effect economy in Govt.'s expenditure on various fronts including that of our hon'ble Ministers who must set an example to others! 

Enough is enough. People are now awakened and more knowledgable, thanks to the media, than ever! Don't fool them anymore and be frank and forthright to earn their loyalty,their good wishes and blessings!

With regards,

TK Balu/Anand Vihar

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