Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wanna say something ?????

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  1. Friends,
    Had earlier also said in these columns some time back that the Sicilian Mafia has evolved in to a 'Financial Mafia' in USA n this Virus is gradually bringing the Nations shattering down eg Europe Spain,Italy,Ireland as all Euro was a competition to the hegemony of Uncle Sam the US Dollar"took over dr.Now all I can say is just watch the 'Imperialist Cronie Capitalism ' has this VIRUS injected thru the Banking system as in USA n Europe so BEWARE of a similar moves .We hv seen the case of DISCOMS,Water etc can we fight the 'MOB"YES provided we r together not splinter groups dr so get up now n eject them before it is too late dr friends
    Vande Matram!
    Bharat Mata Ki Jai!!