Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DERC Public hearing on Power Tariff

Chief Minister had agreed for the CAG audit of Discom's, after the RWAs raised various objections in the Public hearings, last year. But inspite of all these efforts, the Power Tariff rose by 22% + 5%, and the so called CAG Audit is still missing n visible no where, nearby.

While Huge Power Tariff, Fast running meters, Aditional load charges are cutting the pockets of the general public, we, the RWAs believe that DISCOMs have gained huge profits & even the Power minister said so in the Vidhan Sabha. But DISCOMs in their version are just crying on the huge losses. Therefore, let the CAG decide that these Discom's are on gains or losses. May we ask the Chief Minister as well DERC that what is the fate of CAG Audit ? Why its not being done ? Why its being delayed ?   

While the poor public is being forced to pay the Power bills at the exhorbitant prices, certain Public Joints such as DMRC, DJB etc. that are making huge profits are still paying at the subsidised prices, at our costs. Similarly on the name of Agriculture, certain Farm houses are having lavish partys at the lowest power tariff, again at our costs. Huge billboards on various roads are making big money to the advertisers at the mere commercial prices, though they can be charged heavily as in other cities. The E tax collections of MCD are again burdening the residents @ 5%.  

May we ask the Chief Minister that why the NDMC areas are still being charged at the much lower rates than the rest of the city.Why such a discrimination between two sets of people in the same city i.e. who can afford but pay at lower rates & those who can not afford but pay at the higher rates ? 

Now again we have the Public hearings on 26th & 27th April. Just a few months ago DERC itself had observed certain discrepancies in the accounting statements of DISCOMS, on the issues of 1. Revenue collection  2. Billing  3. Power purchase cost   4. A T & C losses   5. Cash Flow. But so far DERC has not yet clarified that what is the fate of those objections raised by none other than DERC. These were mere an eyewash or were based on some facts, is not yet clear.

Do you think that RWAs & the Residents of Delhi will gain any thing out of these public hearings ?


B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front
( A Federation of RWAs )

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