Saturday, July 20, 2019

Bhagidari of Sheila Dikshit with the RWAs of Delhi !

Sheila Dikshit was the only leader who tried her best to empower the RWAs of Delhi by her novel BHAGIDARI Scheme. The term RWA got a real BOOST during her tenure only. There was no discrimination of any kind and it encouraged more and more localities to form the RWAs and join the Bhagidari Cell of Delhi Government. She also introduced the concept of TEAM DELHI.

Under the Bhagidari scheme, the area SDMs started inviting the RWAs to discuss and resolve various localized issues. All the concerned Departments were also invited in all such meetings to answer the issues of the RWAs. 

It was also a novel gesture introduced by her to virtually talk to the RWAs of Delhi by way of video conferencing. It looked great to have a face to face interaction with the CM, via the video conferencing as well as at various meets.

The Bhagidari cell was created at the Delhi Sachivalay to Register & help the RWAs on various civic issues. An initial fund of Rs 5 Crores was sanctioned for each District and the area Bhagidari Cell started taking requests of the RWAs for various works of repair & maintenance of Roads, Parks, drains, etc. Even the Swings for the Parks and Iron gates for the streets were provided through the RWAs. 

Bhagidari Utsavs were common to interact directly with all the departments of Delhi Government, under a single roof. It really helped to resolve the real issues of various localities as the Departments were answerable to the CM & the Bhagidari Cell.

But her defeat changed the entire scenario. Bhagidari cell vanished and RWAs were no more favorite. Now there is no such interaction with the CM. There is no Bhagidari cell to mediate. SDMs have no orders to invite the RWAs. And it has become very difficult to meet our own elected CM until & unless, we belong to the party cadres.

In fact, it was the Bhagidari Scheme of Delhi Government, that initiated us to Launch our RWA Bhagidari Blog & RWA Bhagidari Website, which also lead to the formation of our RWAs Federation - East Delhi RWAs Joint Front. When we informed the Bhagidari cell of Delhi Government about this development, we got an official letter from them for Congratulating us. 

Even at this stage of her health, she came forward to talk to us on the issue of the Fixed Charges of Electricity & went to the office of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal to talk to him on the issue, seeking the refund of the excess collections by the DISCOMs. She demanded the waiver of the Electricity bills for the next 6 months to compensate the consumers.

Therefore, the RWA community of Delhi can never forget Smt. Sheila Dikshit for her initiatives to Empower the RWAs of Delhi. We can never forget the Bhagidari Cell that was always there during her tenure to support us.  Truly, we are going to miss her a lot. Our Salute to the Departed Soul. RIP.

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