Monday, October 1, 2018

Garbage And Misery Piles up for East Delhi’s Residents - Yahoo News

Video Editor: Deepthi Ramdas
Since September 12 a section of sanitation workers haven’t shown up for work in East Delhi. This has resulted in garbage pilling up on the streets and there is no one to clean and clear the roads.
Tired of living amidst the stink and garbage, a joint front of East Delhi Resident’s Welfare Association decided to capture this menace with their campaign ‘Selfie With Garbage’.
“We started our campaign on the 17th day of the strike. We couldn’t bear the stink and condition of the streets. We had to do something about it,” says BS Vohra, East Delhi’s RWAs Joint Front President.
BS Vohra and others met officials from Delhi Government and the MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) regarding the garbage hazards. While the former said that they’ve made the payments, the latter said they have no funds.
“Where does this leave us? We don’t see our streets getting cleaned at all. These are the politicians we voted for, elected them to power and they leave us like this,” says Vohra.
Vohra urges Delhiwallas to take a selfie standing next to garbage and share it with them. “This is the only way we can wake our sleeping politicians up. We will share these photographs with our netas.”
Vohra hopes that the authorities take some strict action and get’s this filth sorted out. “It’s been nearly three weeks and still no sight of the sanitation workers. East Delhi has now become the breading hub of all kinds of diseases,” says Vohra.

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