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MCD Ward Delimitation issue !

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

STOP Delhi MCD Ward Delimitation ..... Death Knell for Planned Developed Colonies !

Delhi Headed for MAJORITARIAN DELIMITATION - Skewed Logic ..... Population Density CANNOT be the only Criteria  .... WAKE UP RWAs ..... it may be notified soon


Dear Friends,

Delimitation of Municipal Wards based on Population Density may at first glance seem logical and equitable but it may have its own pitfalls.

Delhi State Election Commission (SEC) is redrafting Municipal Wards, I do not know how many citizens are aware of it and has the SEC tried to involve various stakeholders ?????

I know for a fact that Politicians are taking keen interest in how the Wards are being Re-organised, after all some big names were Orphaned when the exercise was last undertaken for MLA constituencies. Politicians will look at their limited interests based on Vote Banks and Winnability.

I am no expert but wish to FLAG A FEW CONCERNS, based on my reading of Population Density Based Delimitation ....... EXAMPLES - North Eastern States ...... with so few MPs NE has remained deprived; Uttar Pradesh ..... Uttrakhand had to be carved out as the Population based Delimitation kept the low density Hill people deprived; likewise Bihar and Madhey Pradesh etc.

Even in J&K the Valley gets undue advantage, Ladhak that has a huge Geographical Spread, being the poor cousin with little or no say in the Power Calculus or Funds.

Delhi SEC is Reorganising Municipal Wards into 45,000 to 50,000 Voters per ward. This puts Plotted Colonies with a larger Geographical Spread at a huge disadvantage vis Unauthorised Colonies that have high Population Density.

For Example, GK Constituency may end up with Three Wards against the present Four, whereas Sangam Vihar may end up with Five to Seven Wards instead of the present Four.

As it is, most Posh Colonies have densely populated Villages and Slums attached to them. Out-numbered slowly neglect is turning Posh areas into slums with no significant improvement noticed in the slums. The needs of the various types of colonies are vastly different .......Delimitation should strike a Balance between Geographical Spread, Equality of MLA's Value (Number of Councilors per Vidhan Sabha Ward) while carving out Wards ..... and not just consider Population as the only parameter.

Populism has taken centre-stage in the drafting of Delhi's Master Plan, with Majoritarian Delimitation, VOICE OF PLANNED COLONIES WILL FURTHER BE CURTAILED ...... for example with a vast majority in the house, what if MCD uses this Majority decides to give Vending Rights on all Public Land ?????

FURTHER ....... the Mayor and Chair Persons of Standing Committee, Zones and other Committees will all be from High Population Areas as they will have a Majority in the House.

A balanced Equated Formula needs to be worked out taking into consideration the Geographical Spread and Density so that there is equitable distribution of resources and Majoritarianism does not get undue advantage.

I have posted this at the risk of being labeled elitist ..... but keeping quiet has made SUCKERS OF TAX-PAYERS.

Warm Regards,

Rajiv Kakria

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