Friday, October 16, 2015


Again TWO theft occurred in South B-2 Block Safdarjung Enclave ONLY with in ONE WEEK. 
About 5 days back a CAR of Mr Surender Thapar was stolen outside the house No. B-2/207, Safdarjung Enclave after MIDNIGHT.
Again Three days back a theft has occurred at H. No. B-2/210, SF, Safdarjung Enclave during daytime. 
One of the reason could be There are not adequate and sincere CHAWKIDAR at night and even DAY CHAWKIDAR of RWA is also not there since many months,  Residents are therefore cautioned to take all necessary precautions for their as well as their belongings SAFETY.
During one year there has been BEHISAAB THEFTS in B-2 Block and during many meetings with Police SHO at Recreational Cum Library Center, I hv pinpointed to police that even their Police Constable BEAT is also not adequate and effective and it need to be improved.
Dear Residents, I have to also say that only suggesting things will not help and even you and me all have to take keen interest in RWA activities for ensuring better safety and other facilities. Please come forward for joining and helping RWA / Neighbours to make our RWA very effective. 
Please inform others also.
Thanks and Regards

S L Watwani

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