Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Meghna Gulzar’s ‘Talvar’ – to enlighten us with reality !

TALVAR is based on the real time story of Aarushi Talwar, who was murdered at her home in 2008 with her throat slit while the body of the servant was found on the rooftop with similar wounds. The news had baffled everyone with a strange thought that how the parents could kill their 14 years old daughter. But the investigating agencies had termed the murder as the Honor Killing stating that the parents of Aarushi Talwar i.e. Dr Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar had seen her in the compromising position with the servant.

Talvar is directed by Meghna Gulzar who is the daughter of Rakhee & Gulzar saab. She has done her best in depicting that how the law enforcing agencies as well the investigating agencies operate in our country.

The story is written by Vishal Bharadwaj who has referred the term TALVAR for the justice which slices through the darkness to enlighten us with reality, though delayed.

While viewing the special screening of the movie we were just speechless. The visuals were so catchy, that we could not even blink our eyes. It portrayed different versions of investigation, i.e. by local police, by investigating team A and by investigating team B.

It clearly showed the impact of bureaucracy on the investigating agencies that can turn the investigation into any direction they prefer. It showed how the local police had failed to do its job by not even referring to the forensic. It showed how Team A had almost cracked the case, but the retirement of the chief, changed everything. It also portrayed that how the new chief intervened to alter the course of direction.

Irrfan Khan plays the role of an investigating officer in the Team One, while Neeraj Kabi and Konkona portray the roles of Aarushi's parents and it also stars Tabu in a special appearance. It is being released on the 2nd October and we are sure that you will #TalvarThisFriday.

You can check the details at : http://jungleepictures.com/talvar/  

Please view the Trailer embedded below :

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